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People and knowledge

There are two vocational schools in Križevci while the faculty education is organized through the Križevci College of Agriculture and Faculty of Organization and Informatics – Center Križevci.

High school „Ivan Seljanec“ Križevci

High school „Ivan Seljanec“ Križevci follows the tradition of vocational education of Križevci. There are around 500 pupils who are educated in 7 educational sectors and 25 professions. Some of the professions are cook, waiter, tailor, mechanic, commercialist, road traffic techinician and computer technician for mechanical engineering.


High school of Agriculture

The high school of Agriculture realizes three-year and four-year educational programs that enable graduates to work on different jobs in agriculture.


Križevci College of Agriculture

Križevci College of Agriculture (KCA) belongs to the oldest higher education institution in Croatia in the field of agriculture, established in 1860. The College delivers HE study courses, having professional  programme orientation: 6-semester Bachelor degree courses and 4-semester Master or specialist courses (Agriculture and Management in Agriculture).  The courses are designed to give students an opportunity to undertake a range of modules that will result in knowledge of farm business management, livestock raising and crop production.


Faculty of Organization and Informatics – Center Križevci

In the Town of Križevci there is also undergraduate study Application of Information Technology in Business held within the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. The study enables graduates to work on jobs involving the implementation, introduction and improvement of business using information and communication technology.


Križevci Entrepreneurial Center Ltd.

Enterpreneurs can use the service of the Križevci Entrepreneurial Center Ltd. which represents the touch point between the Town and entrepreneurs. It provides counseling services, education and information for entrepreneurs.