Invest in Križevci

Business zone Gornji Čret

In addition to a very favorable traffic position, the advantage of this zone is the ownership structure of the land and the possibility of putting the zone into function stage by stage.

The size of the business zone area Gornji Čret is 45 ha and it is spatially divides into two parts, each occupying cca 22 ha of the surface. The first half is equipped with the necessary traffic and communal infrastructure, while the other half will be equipped when needed.

The Town provides incentive measures and deductions, while at the same time lets every businessman choose between the purchasing of the land or the use of construction rights for a period of 25 years.

The starting price when purchasing the land is 60 kuna/m2 or 8,09 euro/m2, while the starting price when using construction rights is 0,25 kuna/m2 per month.

Traffic connection

Distance to km Travel time
Road 0 0
Highway 5,4 8 minutes
Railway 4,9 7 minutes
Zagreb – airport 67 44 minutes
Rijeka – seaport 231 2,25 hours
Osijek – river port 328 3 hours
München 618 6,30 hours
Budapest 313 3,15 hours
Vienna 329 4,20 hours

Technical information

Ownership structure Town of Križevci
Plot price-using construction rights 60 HRK/m2 – 0,25 HRK/m2
Minimum plot area   2,500 m2
Building coefficient 0,1 – 0,5
Maximum height of building 11,5 m
Distance from neighbouring plot min 5 m


    • Water supply
    • Sewage
    • Power supply
    • Gas pipeline

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